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Pharmacies in Peniche – Where to go in case of need

Dear friends of surfing and yoga in Peniche well found. Today we want to offer you the complete list of pharmacies in Peniche including map and related locations. This post should speed up your search in case of need during … Read More

Best Supermarkets in Peniche

Best Supermarkets in Peniche

Greetings to all surfing fans who have decided to spend some time around Portugal and in particular in our beloved town of Peniche. Today we would like to offer you some useful information in order to find the best supermarkets … Read More

How to get from Peniche to Nazarè

How to get from Nazaré to Peniche

Dear Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche‘s friend through today’s post we want to talk about a famous Portuguese surf resort so popular these days because of the giant waves that are forming at the famous Praia do Norte. Surf enthusiasts will have already … Read More

World Surf League: Peniche results

Yes, another edition of MEO Rip Curl Pro Porugal 2018 has just ended and as usual the show was of great quality. The people who went to attend the competition, enjoyed Italo Ferreira’s victory. Ferreira is the athlete that every … Read More

documenti necessari per andare in Portogallo

Travel documents to Portugal

Today’s post is designed for all those who have not yet visited Portugal and wish to discover the beauties of this country. Browsing online we have discovered how many times the query: travels documents to Portugal is typed by web … Read More

Boa Onda - web summit 2018


The small town of Peniche, is certainly one of the most popular destinations for surfers worldwide, thanks to the quality of its waves during the 12 months of the calendar year. In parallel, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has managed … Read More

10 things to know about Portugal

10 things to know about Portugal

Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche wants to dedicate his article to all the Portugal Lovers, as well as all the people interested in learning more about this beautiful country. In fact, today we will reveal at least 10 things to know … Read More

Longboard Festival Peniche

Longboard Festival Baleal – September 15-16, 2018

Today Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche is pleased to tell you about a nice event to be held at the Baleal beach in Peniche on the 15th and 16th of September. Obviously, the event is dedicated to the surf lovers, to be … Read More

from faro to Peniche - Portuguese transport

From Faro to Peniche – Discover How To Do It

Welcome to Portugal and we can probably already wish you well deserved holidays! With today’s post dedicated to finding the best transport combinations from Faro to Peniche, we will try to make life easier for you if you want to … Read More

best time to visit Peniche

Best time to visit Peniche

Are you looking for the best holiday packages for Portugal and would like to find out more about Peniche beautiful beaches, considered the surfers paradise in Europe? No problem, you’re in the right place! Through our blog we will always try … Read More