Surf Shops in Porto

Surf Shops in Porto

Surf Shop a Porto

Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche, we continue our search to better discover Portugal. Today we wish to give you valuable information about the Northern area of ​​Portugal, specifically at the magnificent Oporto. In fact today we will dedicate ourselves to discovering which are the best surf shops in Porto, hoping to give you some cool tip. As we have already done for the article about the best surf shops in Lisbon, we would like to offer you an useful guide about how to reach Peniche from Porto  in order to get as soon as possible to the famous Supertubos beach.



Below we will reveal the list of all the surf shops present in Porto, indicating all the details to visit them in person once in the city. Here is the complete list:


Surf Shop a Porto


  • Ericeira SS= Location: 273, Rua de Santa Catarina 269, 4000-451 Porto
  • Kiber Surf Shop Matosinhos = Location:  Rua Carlos de Carvalho n º28 r/c, Matosinhos, 4450-094 Matosinhos
  • 58 Surf Shop Matotinhos = Location: R. Roberto Ivens 1339, 4450-249 Matosinhos
  • Grua Surf Co.= Location: R. Roberto Ivens 925, 4450-249 Matosinhos
  • Waimea Surf and Culture =  Location: R. Godinho 219, 4450-149 Matosinhos
  • Ericeira Surf and Skate = Location: Rua Sara Afonso, n.º 105-117, Loja 305-307, 4460-841 Sra. da Hora,
  • Alka Surf and co. = Location: R. Vista Alegre 578, 4400-613 Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Surfleça, Lda. = Location: Av. Liberdade 44, 4450-683 Leça da Palmeira
  • Lightning Bold = Location: R. Sara Afonso, 4460-284 Sra. da Hora
  • Ericeira = Location: Av. Dr. Óscar Lopes 0.112, 4450-337 Matosinhos
  • P-Unit Surfboards = Location: R. Aguiar 350, 4455-791 Santa Cruz do Bpo
  • Surf Peak = Location: R. Gonçalves Zarco 1129 B, 4450-685 Matosinhos, Portogallo
  • Quicksilver = Location: Av. Republica Vila Nova de Gaia, 4400-000 Porto
  • Rip Curl Matosinhos = Location: Edif Proa, Av Gen Norton De Matos N°1136, 4450-251 Matosinhos



Hoping to have provided you with useful information on the best surf shops in Porto, we look forward to your comments and suggestions to eventually expand this list.

For any information concerning your holiday in Portugal, we are obviously available. You can visit the contact page on our website or write to us at the following email address:

Until next time and have fun in Portugal!

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