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Peniche is not only a crazy sand barrels machine! On the south of Supertubos, in the village of Consolacao, you will find a long righthand rocky point and a sandy left with a beginner friendly corner, which create the perfect playground for our Surf School.


On the north of Peniche, a long scalloped bay gives surfers plenty of opportunities in the various wind-waves combo swells, and at the end of the bay there is another rarity of nature, Baleal island. A small island connected to mainland by a narrow sandy street, which creates another handful of spots to keep tourists and the surf community, well fed!


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Consolacao Right and Left

This is our closest surfspot, only a few steps away from Boa Onda Guesthouse. We are south of Peniche and home of 2 pointbreaks, the left starts on rocks but ends in sand. It is a powerful fast wave, that can only work once in a while, south or west swells but East or no wind is the key. Next to it is also a nice beachbreak that is perfect for beginner/intermediate surfers. The right is a scenic long pointbreak that can be a fat longboard wave but can also be a serious big wave spot, as it works even on the biggest swell. Watch out, the wave packs lots of water and the entry/exit is tricky.

Surfspots Peniche - Consolacao Right
Surfspots Peniche - Supertubos


The queen of the area, best beach-break of Portugal and probably Europe. Often referred as the European Pipeline, this wave is fast, powerful and always barreling.It can be the dream wave of your life, but be prepared to get some serious pounding. The wave is only a few meters from the shore and is also spectacular to viewers from the beach. The predominant wind from N and offshore or side-off. In October each year hosts the World Tour, and it is a sight not to be missed!

Areia Branca

This lively little town is the southernmost spot of the Peniche area and hosts a huge amount of waves in its long beautiful sandy beach. The waves here are good for any level since they are mellower than the others nearby. Schools and tourists in the summer, but definitely a wave worth to be checked.

Surfspots Peniche - Areia Branca
Surfspots Peniche - Molho Leste

Molho Leste

To the south of Peniche and just north of Supertubos, the waves change swell and wind exposure as well as behaviour, so this powerful wedgy right is much stronger and faster than the waves north of Peniche. The long harbour jetty helps to give shelter from swell and wind and it gives the sandbanks a very good shape, in the good days when Supertubos is to scary to paddle out, this is the place to get some good barrels. Localised and advanced surfers only.

Porto Batel

500 meters south of Consolacao, a spot surfed mainly by locals, give them respect and join that good righthand reef wave, that can be surfed from mid tide up. It is a good wave ideal for carvings.

Surfspots Peniche - Porto Batel
Surfspots Peniche - Papoa


This is the undisputed big wave spot of the area, rocky bottom and heavy wave for the brave and skilled only. Into the bay a good a-frame wave on rocks will appear on the right wind and swell combo, these days, long performance walls on offer.


The last corner of the Baleal Bay and you are almost in Peniche as the beach is flanked by city walls. It is ideal for the first steps on the board, or as a fallback in the event of massive swell from the south.

Gamboa Surfspot
Cerro Surfspot - Peniche


Towards Peniche, the bay bends a bit and receive less swell, this is the place to go in bigger western or south swell. Nice banks and cool crowds.

Baleal Middle Bay / Meia Praia

Middle of the Baleal Bay gets the most of the swell around compared to the other westerly spots. The wave packs some power and it is offshore with SE to NE wind, when the conditions are on is a really quality wave, with barrels too.

Baleal Middle Bay - Surfspot
Cantinho da Baia - Surfspot

Cantinho da Baia

To the south side of the Baleal Island. Good sheltered spot with predominant northern swell, schools, longboarders and nice vibes. Can be a really good shortboard wave t0o when the conditions are on.


Nice easy beach break southside of Lagide, with a spectacular landscape provided by Baleal island. A wave that is beginner friendly and usually targeted by surfschools.



In the center beach town of Baleal this reef can be defined as a really long and manouverable lefthander, there’s also a righthander, sometimes really good, 300meters to the north. The wave can be mellow in small conditions or fat in high tide, but totally amazing with some size and mid tide. Watch out for the urchin covered rocks at low tide. SW to E is offshore.


This beach is another swell magnet, the wave is usually messed up by wind and swell, so a good option in those small days or S to SW wind. The lefts are usually long with steep walls of good quality.

Almagreira Surfspot Peniche
Pico da mota Surfspot

Pico da Mota

In the north coast of Peniche, following a dirt road up from Almagreira you will find this beautiful white sandy beach, that in a good day can serve up some incredible tubular waves. Swell magnet to be checked in small days and no N wind, mid tide the best!


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