Where to play Golf around Peniche

Where to play Golf around Peniche

Play golf in Peniche and surroundings

Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche, here we are again ready to give you precious information about our beloved Peniche. Through today’s post we will find out where to play golf in and around Peniche, offering some valuable information to lovers of this sport who want to find an alternative activity to surfing.

So guys, if you love golf and have a few hours of time out of yoga classes or from the surf school in Peniche, we advise you not to miss the following list and take note of the indicated addresses. Enjoy the reading.


Where to play golf around Peniche

In the Peniche area there are some golf courses that could definitely do for you. The first we want to include in our list is the field inside the MH Atalantico resort, located just minutes away from our guesthouse.

Golf a Peniche - Praia da Consolacao

You can find the exact details of the location as well as the contacts for the reservations below:

  • Complexo Turístico do Botado – Praia da Consolação – Botado
  • 2525-150 Atouguia da Baleia – Peniche – Portugal
  • Telephone = (+351) 262 757 700
  • Email = reservas.mhatlanticogolfe@mh-hotels.pt


The second golf course near Peniche is the Praia d’El Rey Golf & Beach Resort. Located within the posh context of Praia d’El Rey, this golf course offers a magnificent view of the sea.


Praia d'El Rey Golf Court

Info and contacts:

  • Location = Av. Dom Pedro Primeiro 30, 2510-453 Vale de Janelas, Portugal
  • Telephone = +351 262 905 150


Moving slightly out of Peniche, a few minutes by car towards Obidos, the magnificent medieval Portuguese town, you will find 2 other camps with exceptional equipment and views. These are:

  • Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort = Location: Cabeço da Serra, Óbidos 2510-665 Vau, Portugal
  • West Cliffs = Location: Freguesia do Vau, Concelho de Óbidos, Portugal

For more information on the West Cliffs Golf Club you can visit their website and make an appointment.


West Cliffs Golf Course



Hoping to have provided you with useful information as to where to play golf in Peniche and surroundings, we look forward to your comments and suggestions to eventually expand this list.

For any information concerning your holiday in Portugal, we are obviously available. You can visit the contact page on our website or write to us at the following email address: info@boaondaguesthosuepeniche.com

See you soon and have fun in Peniche!

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