Italian restaurants in Lisbon

Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche today we will talk about the capital of Lisbon and in particular about the selection of Italian restaurants in Lisbon. This post is dedicated to all those who during the visit of the beautiful Lisbon would like to eat Italian, in a characteristic and hopefully quality place. The list of Italian restaurants in Lisbon has been created through a mix of personal experiences and the inevitable help of the web like Google Maps & My Business. Enjoy reading it.

Mappa dei ristoranti italiani a Lisbona


Selection of the Italian Restaurants in Lisbon

The first useful information in our view is related to the geographical location of the majority of Italian restaurants in Lisbon. As you can see from the map above, most of them are located in the city center, almost all located in the lower part of the capital and therefore easily reachable on foot and by public transport.

Lisbona ristoranti

Italian cuisine in Lisbon: restaurants and pizza

  1. Al Garage – R. Castilho 63, 1250-068 Lisboa
  2. Ristorante Italiano “La vita è Bella” – Rua da Prata nº113, 1100-414 Lisboa
  3. Piccolo Napoli – Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 150C, 1050-078 Lisboa
  4. Forno d’oro – R. Artilharia 1 16b, 1250-039 Lisboa
  5. Osteria Cucina di Amici – R. Madres 52, 1200 Lisboa
  6. La Piadina – Calçada do Combro 8, 1200-114 Lisboa
  7. Ruvida – Praça da Armada 17, 1350-027 Lisboa
  8. Il Matriciano – R. de São Bento 107, 1200-661 Lisboa
  9. Il Giardinetto Ristorante Pizzeria – R. do Jardim do Regedor 37, 1150-193 Lisboa
  10. Bellalisa Valmor – Av. Visc. de Valmor 65A, 1050-239 Lisboa
  11. Primo Basilico – R. dos Remédios 37, 1100-441 Lisboa
  12. Bianco Delizioso – R. dos Fanqueiros nº308, 1100-213 Lisboa
  13. Pizzeria Mezzogiorno – Rua Garrett 19 – Galerias Páteo Garrett, lojas C, d, 1200-203 Lisboa
  14. La Pasta Fresca – Avenida 5 de Outubro 186, 1050-064 Lisboa
  15.  Jamie’s Italia LisboaPraça do Príncipe Real 28A, 1250-184 Lisboa
  16. Mercantina – R. da Misericórdia n 114, 1200-273 Lisboa
  17. Casanostra – Tv. do Poço da Cidade 60, 1200-334 Lisboa
  18. Il Mercato – Passeio do Pátio Bagatela, Rua Artilharia 1 51, Bloco B, Loja M, 1250-038 Lisboa
  19. Prima Pasta – R. da Madalena, 1100-318 Lisboa
  20. Il Covo – R. do Cura 3A, 1200-644 Lisboa
  21. Esperanca – R. do Norte 95, 1200-334 Lisboa, Portogallo
  22. La Finestra – Av. Conde Valbom Nº52-A, 1050-069 Lisboa
  23. Misura – R. de Santa Marta 16, 1150-228 Lisboa
  24. La Squadra – Praça da Figueira 15B, 1100-213 Lisboa
  25. Italy Caffè Ristorante – Av. Duque de Ávila 26B, 1000-141 Lisboa



As always we hope to have offered you useful information about the selection of Italian restaurants in Lisbon. We are confident that this post will make your life easier during your visit to the capital of Lisbon.

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