This concept integrates all scientific knowledge with the ultimate goal of observing the body system as a whole (holistic approach) and incorporates a combination of related manual therapy techniques.

The therapist begins his or her approach by making a subjective examination (patient's anamnesis) to understand the patient's concerns and then a physical examination, looking for the cause of the dysfunction, understanding and respecting the anatomical and physiological organisation of each person's body.

The intervention will aim at releasing the sources of fascial, muscular, articular, visceral, neuro-meningeal tension, avoiding/eliminating persistent compensations/ dysfunctions, providing a good articular relationship, good statics and mobility of the whole body.

Below you will find a series of treatments performed at our specialised studio:

- soft tissue massage - visceral manipulation - osteopathic techniques - craniosacral release therapy - treatment of postural imbalances - Injury prevention - Holistic approach

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