Greetings to all surfing fans who have decided to spend some time around Portugal and in particular in our beloved town of Peniche. Today we would like to offer you some useful information in order to find the best supermarkets in Peniche where to shop and find some Portuguese specialities.

So if you do not have time to waste and you want to organize your meals without going to the restaurants in Peniche everyday, you can not miss this useful guide with addresses and map. Hunger will only be a bad memory after reading the Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche guide related to the best supermarkets in Peniche.

The best addresses to buy food in Peniche

Below you will find a complete list of all the best supermarkets in Peniche where you can go shopping during your stay. The following commercial activities are opened all year round. The general closing time is usually set by 20.00 or 21.00. Some of them might close later, around 10 pm. By the way ur advise it to check the updated timetable using Google Maps before leaving for your shopping.

  1. Lidl –  Rua Azeredo Perdigão, 2520-626 Peniche
  2. Meu Super – Nº11, Peniche, Largo Bpo. de Mariana, 2520-229
  3. Intermarché – Avenida Monsenhor Bastos, 2520-206 Peniche
  4. Pingo Doce Peniche – R. Dr. Ernesto Moreira J, 2520-621 Peniche
  5. Continente – 121 2520, R. Gen. Humberto Delgado 120, Peniche, Portogallo
  6. Continente Modelo Peniche – Rua General Humberto Delgado, Sitio do Convento lote 7, Ajuda, 2520-000 Leiria
  7. Meu Super Peniche I – maria rita nº Peniche, R. da Cruz das Almas 28, 2520-305 Peniche
  8. Minipreco – Av. do Porto de Pesca 30, 2520-621 Peniche, Portogallo
  9. Frutas Henriques – R. Garrett, 2520-458 Peniche, Portogallo
  10. Helder Franco – R. Pedro Cervantes Figueira, 2520-482 Peniche, Portogallo
  11. Mini mercado Carla Susana – R. Cidade de Viseu 47, 2520-304 Peniche, Portogallo

Mappa dei supermercati a Peniche

Around Baleal areas you have these 2 opportunities:

  1. Aldeia do Mundo – Estrada Nacional 114 nº31 r/c esq, 2525-024 Atouguia da Baleia
  2. Meo Super Atouguia da Baleia – Estr. da Seixeira 13, 2525-022 Atouguia da Baleia,

If any of you were close to Praia da Consolacao, we suggest the following supermarkets near Peniche city center:

  1. Mini Mercado – da, R. do Botado 28, Portogallo
  2. Armando Correia Martinho – Av. da Praia 101, 2525-445 Atouguia da Baleia


Best Supermarkets in Peniche


Hoping to have offered you the information you were looking for and at least relieved the thought of hunger :) we are available for further information. Do not hesitate to write an email or to follow us on our social media channels in order to organize your next holiday.

We wait for you in the water looking for the next wave! See you next time

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