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Have you just decided to visit Portugal and in particular the very famous coast of Peniche, a reference point for surfers from all over the world and home to the best surfspots in Europe? Have you already gathered all the necessary information on how to get from Lisbon to Peniche and which are the best activities & tours around ? Then you’re almost there … You just have to find out more about the best nightlife in Peniche, discovering which are the top places to enjoy a drink and have a little party after a long surfing day.

A quick introduction about the nightlife in Portugal

The first consideration about the nightlife in Peniche is that for obvious reasons, it is certainly not comparable to the Lisbon’s one. In fact, it is hard to compare the nightlife in Peniche with the crazy scene of Lisbon in terms of:

  • number of available venues
  • clubs size
  • music options

For these reasons it is easy to understand that the number of places you might go to have fun are more limited but it does not mean that you can’t have crazy and messy nights-out. The staff of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche and our guests too, are willing to confirm that anytime 🙂

So, if your idea of nightlife is related to the style you have experienced in Ibiza or the Greek Islands you may be disappointed by what you will find here, as the atmosphere is much more relaxed. But as we previously said, do not worry because the opportunities to go out and have fun are not lacking at all. And anyway Lisbon is only 1 hour drive from us !

The main purpose of this article is to list all the most popular bars and clubs in Peniche, offering the coolest information to all the people ready to spend their holidays in Portugal. In this way we could also answer some of the most common questions of the boys and girls who attend our surf school in Peniche.

Those questions usually are:

  • where can I get a good drink in Peniche?
  • which are the best bars and clubs to spend a night-out?
  • where can I listen to some good music in Peniche?
  • which are the best bars with Ocean view around Peniche, Baleal, Consolacao?

In the next lines you will find the official list of clubs and bars that animate the best nightlife in Peniche for 12 months a year. We organized these facilities by area in order to facilitate your future research.


Best nightlife in Peniche


  • Baleal Cocktail Bar – Av. do Mar 97, 2520-061 Ferrel, Portugal – Closing at 03.00 am
  • Bar Da Praia Baleal – Baleal s/nº, 2520-619 Ferrel, Portugal – Closing at 04.00 am
  • Bar Bocaxica Surf  – Avenida da Praia, Baleal, 2520-051 Peniche, Portugal – Closing at 24.00


  • Riclè Bar – R. da Paz 14, 2520-128 Ferrel, Portugal – Closing at 06.00 am


  • Clube da Praia – Av. do Mar IA3, 2525-150 Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal – Closing at 20 pm

Peniche city centre

  • Aviz Bar – R. Alexandre Herculano 80, 2520-273 Peniche, Portugal – Closing at 03.00 / 04.00 am
  • Mystic – R. dos Hermínios 30, 2520-294 Peniche, Portugal – Closing at 02.00 am
  • Taberna Remedio Santo – 
  • Berlenga’s pub – Av. do Mar, 2520-326 Peniche, Portugal – Closing at 03.00 am
  • Marks Caffè – Escadinhas de Santo António 4, 2520-492 Peniche, Portugal – Closing at 04.00 am
  • Java House – Rua Doutor Manuel Ribeiro Ferreira 14, 2520-619 Peniche, Portugal – Closing at 03.00 am
  • Remedios Lounge Bar – Estr. dos Remédios 28, 2520-641 Peniche, Portugal – Closing at 23.00 pm

Through the image below you could see where the bars and clubs that animate the nightlife in Peniche are located.


Mappa Locali della vita notturna a peniche



We hope to have offered you a broader overview of the best nightlife in Peniche. Now we would like to receive your feedback and comments at the bottom of this post or on our Social Media channels, like:

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Every suggestion is always welcome in order to update the article over time and offer to our customers an unforgettable experience in Portugal.

See you next time!


  1. JosephBlack

    I went to Peniche with my friends and spent my time in clubs where the atmosphere was totally different. Everything starting from disco lights to food was somthing different. It was a great experience over there.

    • mattia

      Hi JOSEPH BLACK thanks a million for your comment! We are glad you liked Peniche and the places around. Next time come to visit us @ Boa Onda Guesthouse! See you

  2. Noah Fernandes

    Are there places for live music where people can jam?

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