“Never drive away from good surf.” - Roger Sharp


No holiday in Portugal is complete without trying the iconic sport of surfing.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, our surf school in Peniche is here to take your surfing to the next level.

Our certified instructors will take you to the best beaches, finding the best waves, according to your level, ensuring you a memorable and safe ride.

In case you are a beginner, we will teach you how to surf step-by-step. And if you are an intermediate, we might add video- and photography coaching in the classes.


As a surf school, our main goal is about teaching our students in a fun and professional way.

With two peninsulas and various rocky bays, Peniche offers a unique environment for surfing, creating rideable waves on an almost daily basis.

All of our instructors are licensed by major national- and international federations, ensuring you that our team is qualified.

Our surf instructors are locals and know all of the various surf spots well. They choose daily where to hold the surf class, ensuring that you will get the best conditions possible according to your surf level.

We give classes for all levels: from beginner to upper intermediate.

Our surf instructors speak: English, French, Italian and Portuguese.


・ 1 LESSON = €45 ・ 5 LESSONS = €200 ・ 10 LESSONS = €375 ・ PRIVATE LESSONS = €90 per lesson

All lessons include full rental of equipment, insurance and transfer to the surf spots.

You can book lessons and/or rent equipment during your stay or in advance by the booking form request.

You can also book them as part of the Surf & Yoga Retreat, our best selling package.


What makes surfing such a unique sport?

Why is it so fun, yet sometimes frustrating?

Surf is an amazing dance with the ocean and the waves that are rolling in on the coastline. The key to surfing is to find the perfect momentum where the ride feelings effortless.

The ride has infinite variables, and is continuously progressive. The beginner enjoys a ride in the foam and swears it is the best fun ever, but after a while the surfer craves for more - he/she wants to catch a green wave!

The goal of the intermediate surfer is to surf the shoulder of the wave and start to trim along the line with basic turns.
Isn’t the key to “endless fun”, continuous progress? We believe so.

Surf coaching is for the devoted surfer who is chasing that “endless fun”, and we are here to take you on the next ride!

Boa Onda Guesthouse - Skate


What to expect:

・We assess the level of the athlete, experiences, goals and overall fitness level.
・We choose conditions wisely to help you work steadily on your performance.
・We use video- and photography analysis to aid your progression.
・We introduce new techniques, such as surf skate or other training methods, that work as a blueprint for your performance in the water.

The key to success is the effort, but knowing where and how to drive this effort will give you rapid development in your surfing.


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