Holidays in Portugal are not complete unless you try to surf !

In our surf school in Peniche, we have graduated and professional teachers who know exactly where to find the best waves and best surfing conditions.

In case you are a beginner, we will teach you how to surf step by step. And if you already know how to do it, we have some tricks for you to improve and can use video-coaching and photography.


The main goal of our surf school is all about learning and improvement. The instructors are qualified by major national and international federations they do speak: English, French, Italian, Portuguese.

Depending on the level of participants and weather and sea conditions, the coach will choose the material and surf spots.

Beginners, intermediate or advanced surfers will benefit from training techniques in and out of the water: strengthening exercises, carver skate training, video-coaching, are useful tools for improving surf skills.

Intermediate and advanced surfers can surf in dreamy uncrowded location thanks to surfguiding.

Peniche offers a pretty unique environment for surfing, with two peninsulas and various rocky bays, every day there is a rideable wave on offer.

Sheltered beaches for learners and improvers, powerful waves for experienced and pros. We know the area and we will bring you to your perfect wave.

The Peniche area is home to many amazing surfspots to explore. The staff of our surf school in Peniche, helped us to create the perfect surfspots map. Enjoy it!


- 1 LESSON = €45 - 3 LESSONS = €120 - 10 LESSONS = €350 - PRIVATE LESSONS = €70 per lesson

All lessons include full rental of equipment, insurance and transfer to the surfspots.

You can book lessons / rent equipment during your stay or in advance by the booking form request.

You can also book them as part of the Surf & Yoga Retreat.


Dear surfers, what makes surfing such a different sport?

Why is it so much fun, yet sometimes frustrating?

Surf is an amazing dance with waves and those ones roll to the shores in many different ways, Surfer's key is on trying to match the wave. The ride has infinite variables.

The beginner enjoys a ride in the foam and swears is the best fun ever, but after a while this won't be enough, he/she would love to catch a green wave!

The intermediate surfer's goal is to try to surf the shoulder of the wave and start to trim along with a couple of basic turns.

Isn't it the key of "endless fun", continuous progress? We believe so.

Surf training is more likely to be your best friend and especially the keen surfer that finds his technique stuck in a plateau, should consider taking a serious professional approach.

Carving Skate for Surf Training
Intermediate Class Surf


- in the beginning we try to understand the level of the athlete, experiences, goals and overall fitness level;

- then we go to the beach, we choose carefully the conditions in a way to help the person express him/herself;

- we stay out with a big lenses camera and we get everything you do;

- then we will discuss together thinks to change or correct and we will find exercises to help progresses;

- we can train in water, sand, carver skate..etc, every little weapon will be used to help unlock that new technique

A lot of complimentary training methods will be discussed as well as sport programs to be taken at home, especially for surfers who live far from the Ocean.

The key to success is the effort, but knowing where and how to drive this effort, is even more important.