Longboard Festival Peniche

Today Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche is pleased to tell you about a nice event to be held at the Baleal beach in Peniche on the 15th and 16th of September. Obviously, the event is dedicated to the surf lovers, to be precise to all the surfers who prefer the longboard.

This event, sponsored by the municipality of Peniche, is very popular with local surfers, tourists, travelers and surfers of other cities along the Portuguese coast and as every year will gather a beautiful public frame.

In the next lines we will try to offer you all the details related to the Baleal Longboard Festival to actively participate or as mere spectators.

Longboard Festival Baleal – September 15 – 16, 2018

As indicated on the site of the event, the Baleal longboard festival, is a meeting between surfers whose primary goal is the socialization of all participants.

During the event those who decide to register and take the best waves of the day, will also have the opportunity to try free material, participate in various activities and games, as well as attending the final dinner with draw of technical surf material.

So let’s say in addition to the good dose of competition required among the participants, many other options are reserved for them to enjoy two beautiful days with friends and specialists in the field.

How to apply

The event is organized by Peniche Surfing Club and the participation modalities are linked to the registration through the following link:

By filling out all the fields in the form, you will receive a confirmation email to the event.

How to join the Peniche Surf Club

For those who want to have more information about the events organized by the Peniche surf club, below we indicate information and prices for annual registrations.

Annual club registration (includes federation-professional process and discounts on our partners)

  • Children under 18: € 15 – Over 18: € 20

For those wishing to enroll in the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the values ​​are as follows (includes annual club membership and annual FPS fee):

  • Practitioner / Student under 15 years
  • Practitioner / Student age – € 20
  • Under age – € 35
  • Adult – € 40
  • Coach – 60 €

Annual registration of the Peniche surfing club:

Under 18: € 15 – Over 18: € 20

It is possible to subscribe to the Portuguese Surfing Federation, paying a different amount which includes the registration to the Peniche Surf Club + annual FPS fee.

  • Practitioner Under 18 years – 15 €
  • Practitioner Over 18 yers – 20 €
  • Athlete Under 18 years – € 35
  • Athlete Over 18 years – 40 €
  • Coach – 60 €

The amount must be transferred to the IBAN account. PT50 0035 0612 0002 9339 6304 1. Please send a proof by e-mail to geral@ppsc.pt. The Peniche Surfing Club membership also includes a T-shirt, so remember to indicate your size.


For any additional information regarding the Baleal Longboard Festival we invite you to check their website as indicated during the article as well as the Official Facebook page.

Instead, if you were looking for any information relating to accommodation solutions in Peniche, surf school, yoga classes, activities. The Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche staff is always at your disposal through the following contacts:

See you soon!

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