Portuguese Surf Film Festival

Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche, today we want to promote a very interesting event that takes place a few miles away from Peniche and that could really interest you.

In fact, we recently discovered that from July 19th to 28th the 2019 edition of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival will be present, an event dedicated to the screening of the best films and documentaries based on the world of surfing and skateboarding.

For all those who were on tour at Portugal to discover the best surfspots, it could be an excellent opportunity to spend a beautiful evening of your favorite sport.

Information: Portuguese Surf Film Festival

he 2019 edition of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival will take place in Ericeira, one of the most famous surfing locations in Portugal. If you do not know how to reach Ericeira from Peniche, just read the guide written some time ago. The official location where the screenings will take place is as follows:

  • Casa de Cultura – Rua Mendes Leal – 2655-305 Ericeira

List of the movies

Below you will find the list of screenings in competition at the 2019 edition of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival. The list includes the subdivision for the days of the festival and each evening will be characterized by different events that will be included in the films and documentaries on display.

You can check the complete schedule of events by clicking on the following link: PORTUGUESE SURF FILM FESTIVAL


  • Aequatio (4)
  • Flux (5)
  • Surfin´ Fuerte (15)
  • How to Learn How To Surf (30)
  • Insta Surf (5)
  • Shaka (84)


  • White Rhino
  • Paige (21)
  • Satori (53)


  • Save The Waves Film Festival Special Screening
  • Le Chéile (5)
  • Fils de Baines (14)
  • Trash (25)


  • Dust We Return (6)
  • Eating Up Easter (75)
  • Skagerrak (SUP SPECIAL)


  • In Dancing Days of Dawn (72)
  • La Ola Sin Fronteras (74)


  • The Droppin Girls (7)
  • Ofqui – Deshielo (30)
  • No time (5)
  • A Land Shaped by Women (52)
  • Emilie Uttrup – This is My Story (5)
  • Passion Fruit (13)
  • Trouble: Lisa Andersen
  • Lola (2)


  • Isla de Los Bufalos (8)
  • Maurice Cole – The First Wave (7)
  • Relatable Form (10)
  • Rail Road (22)
  • Festival de Cinema de Surf de Ubatuba Special Screening


  • En Ningún Sitio (15)
  • Mastering Turbulence (61)
  • Artigo 54 (10) (SKATEBOARDING)
  • Minding the Gap (SKATEBOARDING)


  • Beyond The Noise (38)
  • Back to the Roots (35)
  • And If Two By Sea (104)


  • Poetry in Motion (5)
  • Thank You Mother (42)


Hoping as always to have provided you with some useful information, please contact the festival organization for any further information. If instead you would like to spend or organize your holiday in Peniche, the staff of Boa Onda Guesthouse is ready to answer your questions through the following email address:

  •  info@boaondaguesthosuepeniche.com

See you soon!

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