Public Holidays in Portugal

Dear friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche we are happy to be back writing for the English blog in this great new year. Today, as first article of the year 2019, we would like to inform you immediately about the Public holidays in Portugal. This choice is connected to the fact of giving you an opportunity to plan your future surf trip in Portugal in advance.

So if you are looking for the best surf school in Peniche or some great yoga classes,  you just have to find the right weekends and tell us your needs.

Which are the Public Holidays in Portugal for the year 2019

Below we will show you the complete calendar of holidays in Portugal for 2019-20. In addition to the most celebrated festivities active in most of the world, the days valid within the Portuguese territory are included.

Here is the official list:


  • Tuesday – 1 January – First day of the year – National Public Holiday


  • Thursday – 14 February – Dia dos Namorados – Normal Day


  • Tuesday – 5 March – Carnaval – Regional Public Holiday


  • Friday – 19 April – Sexta-Feira Santa – National Public Holiday
  • Sunday – 21 April – Pascoa – National Public Holiday
  • Monday – 22 April – Segunda feira de Pascoa – Regional Public Holiday
  • Thursday – 25 April – Dia da Liberdade – National Public Holiday


  • Wednesday – 1 May – Dia do Trabalhador – National Public Holiday
  • Sunday – 5 May – Dia das Maes – Normal Sunday
  • Thursday – 30 May – Quinta feira do Ascensao – Regional Public Holiday


  • Monday – 10 June – Dia de Portugal – National Public Holiday
  • Thursday – 20 June – Corpo de Deus – National Public Holiday


  • Thursday – 15 August – Assuncao de Maria – National Public Holiday


  • Saturday  – 5 October – Implantacao da Republica – National Public Holiday


  • Friday – 1 November – Todos os Santos – National Public Holiday


  • Sunday – 1 December – Restauração da Independência – National Public Holiday
  • Sunday – 8 December – Imaculada Conceição -National Public Holiday
  • Wednesday – 25 December – Natal -National Public Holiday


Our research about public holidays in Portugal is done for the moment. We look forward to hear or receive your comments and suggestions and as usual you can contact us using the form on our contact page .

Alternatively you could just write an email to this address:


See you soon!

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