Surf Shop in Ericeira

Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche, we continue our search to better discover Portugal. Today we want to give you valuable information about one of the most popular surfing destinations in the whole country: Ericeira. Specifically, today we will dedicate ourselves to discovering which are the best surf shops in Ericeira, hoping to give you good ideas for your purchases. As already done for the article about the best surf shops in Lisbon, Porto surf shop and Faro surf shop, we consider it appropriate to offer you all the details on how to reach Ericeira from Peniche and try your boards directly at Supertubos Beach.


Below we will reveal the list of all surf shops in Ericeira, indicating all the details to visit them in person once in the city. Here is the complete list:

  • Ericeira Surf & Skate Loja Online = Location: Rua Mira Parque nº1, 2655-213 Ericeira
  • Magic Quiver Surf Shop = Location: R. 5 de Outubro 15A, 2655-255 Ericeira
  • 58 Surf Shop = Location: Edifício Ericeira Surf Center Estrada Nacional 247, km29, 2655-319 Ericeira
  • Ericeira Surf & Skate Ericeira = Location: R. Prudêncio Franco da Trindade 21A, 2655-344 Ericeira
  • Wavegliders Surfshop =  Location: R. Mendes Leal, 2655-319 Ericeira
  • The Doghouse= Location: Praça da República 11, 2655-319 Ericeira
  • Heyday Young and Wild = Location: Largo dos Condes da Ericeira 15B, 2655-272 Ericeira
  • Heyday Authentic Store= Location: R. 5 de Outubro 13, 2655-319 Ericeira
  • Mothersurf = Location: R. Mendes Leal 20, 2655-305 Ericeira
  • Monashapes = Location: Online =
  • eXtra eXtra Surf = Location: Av. São Sebastião 14I, 2655-270 Ericeira
  • Waterbound= Location: R. Dr. Eduardo Burnay 44, 2655-370 Ericeira
  • Billabong = Location: Estrada Nacional 247, 2655-319 Ericeira
  • Boardriders Quicksilver = Location: Largo São Sebastião 36 A, 2655-319 Ericeira
  • Despomar = Location: Rua Mira Parque 1, 2655-213 Ericeira
  • Action Waves = Location: R. Oceano Atlântico 6, 2655-486 Ericeira


Hoping to have provided you with useful information about the best surf shops in Ericeira, we look forward to your comments and suggestions to eventually expand this list.

For any information concerning your holiday in Portugal, we are obviously available.

See you soon and have fun in Portugal!

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