Che ora è a Lisbona - Scopri il fuso orario in Portogallo

Friends and lovers of surfing in Peniche, today’s post is dedicated to all those who are considering a nice holiday in Portugal looking forward to relax, beautiful nature, sport, culture and good food. The list of reasons for going to Portugal could be even longer since this country offers countless attractions that are worth a visit.  In fact, Portugal has won the title of best tourist destination in the world for the year 2018.

Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche today wants to offer some useful information about the Portuguese time zone, the subject of several monthly searches on Google in order to remove any doubt about it.

So do not miss the best information to find out what is the time in Portugal and especially what time it is in Lisbon 🙂

Time zones in the world: short introduction

Before to tell you, what is the time in Lisbon, it is important to make a brief statement about which is the correct time zone and how this system works. In scientific terms, time zones are nothing more than longitudinal portions of the earth’s surface between two determined meridians.

As often happens an image can be worth a thousand words, and in this specific case there could be nothing more truthful.

Fusi Orari Nel Mondo

As you can well see from the image above to understand the operation of time zones in the world, it is necessary to consider the Earth as spherical and divide the 360 degrees of rotation by 24. By doing this, it will be possible to obtain ‘slices’ of 15 degrees that are covered in one hour each.

By convention, in each portion the average solar time of the central meridian of the zone is assumed, that is the one that divides it in half. Because of political reasons, over the years this convention has been modified, deciding to increase the time zones so as to create 39 time zones still used today.

The operation of the time zone is very simple. In fact all the time zones refer to the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) calculated on the basis of the first meridian or the one that goes beyond the Royal Observatory of Greenwich in London.

For this reason, the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) indicates the base time at which the times respected by each time zone are established.

What is the time in Lisbon – Discover the current time in Portugal

But let’s get to the key point of our post. What is the time in Lisbon? How many hours of difference are there with the Italian timetable for example?

The time gap between Rome and Lisbon, and therefore between Italy and Portugal is equal to 1 hour. For example, the moment we are writing the time difference is as follows:

  • Time in Rome, Italy = 12.26
  • Time in Lisbon, Portugal = 11.26

The time difference is therefore equal to 1 hour, since Rome is positioned at +1 hour from the Greenwich meridian, which is the world reference for the calculation of the hours in the world.


Hoping to have offered you the information you were looking for, we look forward to hear about your experiences in Portugal. For any information about some holiday packages we can provide you more details at the following email address:


See you soon!

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