Benefici di Surf e Yoga

Smell the salt, hear the sound of the ocean and feel the sand under your feet. Imagine the adrenaline of surfing and the serenity of yoga. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Actually, the combination of surfing and yoga is becoming increasingly popular, and not just for the sheer fun of it. This unique combination offers a number of benefits for physical and mental health. In this Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche travel blog article, we delve into the benefits of surfing and yoga, a combination that promises to make you feel like you are on top of the world, or at least on top of the wave.

Benefits of Surfing

Before we delve into the magical combination of surfing and yoga, let’s explore the individual benefits of each of these disciplines.

Physical conditioning

Surfing is not just a fun activity, it is also a full body workout. Paddling up to the wave improves trunk and upper body strength, while standing on the board requires balance and leg strength. It is no coincidence that surfers tend to have toned and athletic bodies.

Mental Health

Surfing is not only a physical activity, it is also a form of meditation in motion. The focus required to ride a wave can help empty the mind of everyday thoughts, reducing stress and improving mood.



Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, like surfing, offers a number of physical and mental benefits.

Flexibility and Strength

Yoga helps improve flexibility and strength. Asanas, or yoga postures, stretch and strengthen different muscle groups, promoting a more balanced body and better posture.

Calm and Concentration

The practice of yoga can help calm the mind, improve concentration and promote a sense of inner well-being. Meditation and breathing techniques are an integral part of yoga practice, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.



Benefits of Surfing and Yoga combined

By combining the benefits of surfing and yoga, you get a winning combination for body and mind.

Best Performance in Surfing

Yoga can improve performance in surfing. Trunk strength, balance and flexibility developed through yoga can help improve surfing technique, from paddling to standing on the board.

Physical Recovery

After a long day of surfing, yoga can help relax the muscles and speed up recovery. Specific postures can help stretch the muscles strained by surfing, reducing the risk of injury and muscle pain.

Balance between Energy and Relaxation

While surfing is an adrenaline and energetic activity, yoga offers a moment of calm and relaxation. This combination allows one to find a balance between explosive energies and inner calm, between movement and stillness.

Connection with Nature

Both surfing and yoga promote a deep connection with nature. Whether you are riding a wave or practising yoga on the beach, you are in tune with the natural elements. This connection can have beneficial effects on mental well-being, increasing feelings of peace and happiness.



  1. Do I need to have surfing and yoga experience to benefit from this combination? No, this is not necessary. Even if you are a beginner in both disciplines, you can still benefit from the combination of surfing and yoga. Start with lessons for beginners and progress gradually.

  2. Can I practice yoga on the beach after surfing? Absolutely! Practising yoga on the beach after a surfing session can help relax your muscles and restore your energy balance.


  3. How often should I combine surfing and yoga? It depends on your personal needs. Some may prefer to do yoga before or after each surf session, others may choose to do yoga on days when they are not surfing. Listen to your body and find the rhythm that works best for you.


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