Golf courses in and around Porto

Friends and golf enthusiasts, welcome back to the blog dedicated to Portugal. Today’s post is dedicated to discovering the best golf courses in and around Porto. We will follow the same style as the previous post dedicated to analysing the best golf courses near Lisbon, offering you the names of the golf clubs to visit and the areas where they are located. Happy reading

Best golf courses in Porto

The city of Porto, second in importance only to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal has a great golfing tradition at international level. In the south of Porto is the: Oporto Golf Club, a club with a great tradition. It boasts the title of the first golf course in Portugal, thus the oldest in the country and the second oldest in continental Europe.

Events and tournaments are always the order of the day, which is why we recommend visiting their website, mentioned a few lines above. The holes of this golf course near Porto are set within a breathtaking landscape with mountain views on one side and sea views on the other, as well as plenty of nature.

Another good reason to visit this golf club is the natural beauty of the area and the delicacies of the land. As you well know, the northern area of Portugal is popular worldwide for:

  • the vinho do Porto
  • the vinho verde
  • delicacies of all kinds


Other golf courses in Porto and surrounding areas

Other popular golf courses in the Porto area are:

  • Golf Club Estela a Póvoa de Varzim
  • Golfe da Quinta do Fojo
  • Club de Golf de Miramar near Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Golfe de Amarante located at 5 km from Amarante



Hoping to have provided you, as always, with useful information on the best golf camps near Porto, we look forward to your comments and suggestions to possibly expand this list.

For any information regarding your holiday in Portugal, we are of course at your disposal. You can visit the contact page of our website or write to us at the following email:

See you soon!

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