Migliori Pasticcerie a Peniche

Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche wants to offer all the people interested in a holiday in Portugal, the selection of the best pastry shops in Peniche, because sometimes it is right to relax and enjoy life.

Peniche is a popular seaside resort that offers several things to visit and discover. Among these, also the Portuguese culinary side wants its part, and the typical local sweets are something to try at least once in a lifetime. For this reason, if you are curious to test 100% of Peniche’s lifestyle, we suggest you to continue this reading.

Best pastry shops in Peniche

Below you will find a complete list of pastry shops in Peniche, with indication of their addresses and map. Some of the commercial activities that we are going to indicate are restaurants or bars with pastry service, which offer their customers excellent desserts and Portuguese confectionery specialties.

Mappa delle pasticcerie a Peniche

  • Pasteleria Golfinho – Av. Mariano Calado 5, 2520-484 Peniche, Portugal
  • Pasteleria O Pao Quente – Tv. do Bom Sucesso 6, 2520-285 Peniche,Portugal
  • Arcades Coffee Sea – Av. do Porto de Pesca 30, 2520-621 Peniche,Portugal
  • Pasteleria Brismar – Av. do Porto de Pesca 30, 2520-294 Peniche,Portugal
  • Padaria do Mar – R. Primeiro de Dezembro 69, 2520-294 Peniche,Portugal
  • Calè – R. das Amoreiras 24, 2520-339 Peniche,Portugal
  • Pasteleria Presidente – Praça Jacob Rodrigues Pereira 17, 2520-294 Peniche,Portugal
  • Pasteleria Roma – Largo Bpo. de Mariana 16, 2520-229 Peniche, Portugal
  • Calè – R. Dr. João de Matos Bilhau, 2520-452 Peniche,Portugal
  • Berglò – R. Arquitecto Paulino Montez 95, 2520-215 Peniche,Portugal
  • Pasteleria Azul Mar – R. da Cruz das Almas 78, 2520-306 Peniche,Portugal
  • Pasteleria Jomò – R. do Cerro, 2520-341 Peniche, Portugal
  • Pasteleria do Angelo – R. Cidade de Viseu nº43, 2520-304 Peniche, Portugal
  • Johnys Cafè – R. do Lapadusso 21-15, 2520-367 Peniche, Portugal
  • Arcades Coffee Garden – Largo Nossa Sra. da Conceição 13, 2525-057 Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal
  • Pasteleria Ferreleja –  Largo Dr. Manuel Pedrosa 6, 2520-123 Ferrel, Portugal
  • Doce Dia – Av. do Mar 22, 2520-111 Ferrel, Portugal


Hoping to have offered you some useful information about the best pastry shops in Peniche, we remain available for further updates.

It would be very interesting to receive your opinions about it in order to make this post even more precise and full of sweet details.

See you soon!

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