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Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche today we find out who the most famous German surfers in recent surfing history are. Surfing is a fascinating and adrenalin-pumping sport that requires skill, talent and passion. Although Germany is not famous for its coastline, it has nevertheless produced some world-class surfers. In this article, we will explore the careers of some of Germany’s most famous surfers and the competitions in which they excelled. We will follow the same style as the previous article dedicated to discovering famous Spanish surfers, trying to give you a general overview of the most important and popular surfing figures in Germany. Enjoy your reading.


Who are the world-famous German surfers

Great German Surfers

In this section, we present some of the most famous and successful German surfers who have made their mark on the surfing world.

Marlon Lipke

Marlon Lipke, born in 1984 in Lagos, Portugal, is an accomplished German surfer. He spent his childhood between Portugal and Germany and started surfing at the age of 9. Some of his major achievements include:

  • Winner of the European Junior Surfing Championship in 2001
  • First German surfer to qualify for the World Surf League Championship Tour in 2008
  • Winner of the Protest Vendée Pro in 2011


Rachel Presti

Rachel Presti is one of Germany’s most talented and famous surfers. Born in 2001 in Florida, USA, she started surfing at the age of 8. She obtained German dual citizenship in 2017 and competes for Germany. Some of her achievements include:

  • Winner of the German Surfing Championships in 2017 and 2018
  • European junior champion in 2018
  • Achieved 1st place in the Pro Santa Cruz in 2019


The most prestigious competitions

German surfers have competed and achieved excellent results in some of the most prestigious international competitions. Here are some of the most important competitions:

  • World Surf League (WSL): The WSL is the league that organises the world’s most important surfing competitions, including those in which Marlon Lipke and Rachel Presti have participated.
  • ISA World Surfing Games: This competition involves surfers from all over the world and is one of the most prestigious surfing events.
  • German National Championships: This annual event is the German national surfing championship, where the country’s best surfers compete for the title.


The link between Germany and surfing

Although Germany is not famous for its coastline, surfing has nevertheless gained popularity in the country. Below are some of the reasons why surfing is popular in Germany:

  • Pool surfing, or wave pool, offers German surfers the opportunity to practice the sport in the absence of ocean coastlines. These high-tech facilities artificially recreate waves and allow surfing all year round.
  • Germany boasts a passionate and supportive surfing community that promotes the growth and development of the sport in the country, despite geographical challenges.
  • German surfers have access to numerous surf schools and dedicated facilities in other European countries, such as Portugal and France, which offer courses and support for beginners and experts alike.

Surfing culture in Germany

Surfing culture in Germany is slowly developing thanks to the growing popularity of the sport and the success of surfers such as Marlon Lipke and Rachel Presti. Here are some aspects that reflect the love of surfing in Germany:

  • Festivals and events: Germany hosts a number of surf-related festivals and events, such as the German Surf Film Festival and the German Surfing Championships, which attract fans and professionals from all over the world.
  • Art and design: Although to a lesser extent than in other countries, the influence of surfing is also reflected in German art and design, with artwork and graphics inspired by the ocean and waves.
  • Music: The German music scene is influenced by various genres, and surf rock has also found a place in the country’s culture.



In conclusion, although Germany is not famous for its coastline, it has produced such talented surfers as Marlon Lipke and Rachel Presti. International competitions and the growing surfing culture in the country demonstrate the importance of the sport for Germany and its people.

Hoping to have provided some useful information regarding the selection of Germany’s world-famous surfers, we invite you to provide us with useful suggestions to update this list in the best possible way. Also, if you would like to visit us in Portugal, we would be happy to introduce you to our surf school as well as yoga classes in Peniche.

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