How to get Sintra from Peniche

Have you just arrived in Portugal and can’t wait to start your holiday at Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche or one of the many accommodations on the Portuguese coast? Have you booked one of the available packages but would you also like to enjoy some Portuguese art and culture to make this vacation unforgettable?

Then you can not miss a visit to the magnificent Sintra, a delightful Portuguese town located among the hills of the Serra de Sintra very renowned and appreciated by tourists from all over the world.

The short distance from Lisbon makes it one of the most visited places by lovers of the Lusitanian capital. In our article we will try to explain to you how to reach Sintra from Peniche through different means of transport.

Geographical Information

Before explaining to you how to reach Sintra from Peniche, we consider a short geographical introduction a must. Sintra is a town located on the hills at the foot of the Sintra mountains near the capital, Lisbon. The distance from the capital of Portugal is about 30 km and is easily accessible by car and public transport.

Sintra Posizione Geografica

Long a refuge for royalty, Sintra is characterized by its woodland rich in villas and pastel-colored buildings. The Sintra National Palace, in Manueline and Moorish style, is characterized by two imposing chimneys and elaborate tiles. The Palácio da Pena, located on a hill dating back to the nineteenth century, is known for its wacky appearance and wide view.

How to reach Sintra from Peniche by car

The itinerary to reach Sintra, starting from our guesthouse, is really very simple and just as quick. In fact, to travel the 107 km distance you will only need 1 hour of time, a small sacrifice well rewarded by the visit to the beauties of the town.

mappa stradale peniche - sintra

The route is slightly longer but faster than the one in the direction of Lisbon,
which we recommend. In fact you can reach Sintra in about 1 hour by following these directions:

  • on leaving Peniche you will need to take the IP 6 towards Obidos
  • from there you will find an indication to take the A8 towards Lisbon
  • continue to the Lisbon / Bombarral exit
  • from there you will need to take the third exit to enter CREL / A9 towards Cascais / IC22 / Odivelas
  • continue on the A16 for about ten km
  • finally follow the exit for Sintra Centro / Colares and you will have arrived at your destination

Once you arrived close to Sintra you will find various indications regarding where to park the car and then move on foot.

Go to Sintra by public transport

If you do not have a car, the best way to reach Sintra will be by public transport. Basically you will have to reach Lisbon from Peniche and arrived at the Sete Rios bus stop you will not have to do anything but take the metro line that connects Sintra to Lisbon. Really simple …

To best explain the whole journey from Peniche, we will use our official guide: HOW TO REACH PENICHE FROM LISBON, where you will find all the steps necessary to reach the strategic points of the Portuguese capital.

Metro Sete Rios - Sintra

Once in Lisbon, preferably at the Sete Rios bus station (located on the same metro line), all you have to do is:

  • Look for the next metro stop located near the bus terminus
  • take the green line, also called: Linha de Sintra
  • take a seat on the train and in 35 minutes you will arrive at your destination

If you arrive at the terminus of the Campo Grande bus, you must first take the yellow metro in the direction of Rato, pass 2 stations and change for the linha de Sintra at the Entrecampos stop. From there you will reach Sintra in about 50 minutes.

Given the time required for travel, we strongly recommend that you move from the Sete Rios stop.


Hoping to have offered you a simple and effective guide on how to reach Sintra from Peniche, we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

For any information, regarding a potential surf and yoga holiday in Portugal, the staff of our guesthouse is always ready to answer your questions and direct you during the booking.

All you have to do is write to us at or follow us on our Social pages.

See you soon!

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