Noleggio auto a Peniche

If your well-deserved holiday pack in Portugal is finally ready to start and you can not wait to get to your accommodation in Peniche to admire the surrounding nature and the famous Portuguese waves, you just have to find out which are the best rental cars in Peniche to enjoy the surfing spots around in complete freedom.

The rental car option in Peniche could be a good choice for anyone who wants to stay for medium to long periods or for those who want to test different places before deciding where to stop. As we have previously written in our blog, the best ways to get to Peniche from the main airports in Portugal are:

  1. How to get from Lisbon to Peniche
  2. How to get from Porto to Peniche

By following the information in the above articles, you could easily reach your destination and postpone to rent a car directly from the airport. To find out how the rental cars in Peniche works, just continue reading below.

Which are the rental cars in Peniche

So if you just wanted to rent a car once you arrived in Peniche, who should you go to? Word of mouth certainly helps in these cases but the fastest method is always by online research. Below we will list all the rental cars services in Peniche and surrounding areas in order to offer you an immediate overview of the situation.

  1. Auto Júlio – rent a car Peniche, Rua da Prageira O, +351 262 780 300
  2. Auto Táxis Leal Sociedade Unipessoal Lda, Largo Bpo. de Mariana 23, +351 262 784 237
  3. Europcar CALDAS DA RAINHA, Rotunda Dos Arneiros,10-A, +351 262 831 700
  4. Wild Side Campers, Av. Monsenhor Bastos 33, +351 262 785 318
  5. AUTENTOTURISMO – Rent a Car, Travel Agency, R. Luís de Camões 12, +351 262 758 477, Open 24/7
  6. X-Raid, R. Cidade de Seia, +351 262 781 085
  7. Auto Júlio Rent-aluguer De Viaturas Lda, R. Bernardino Simões 3, +351 262 824 475
  8. Auto Júlio – rent a car, Simões, nº3 Pólo São Cristóvão 253, R. Bernardino Machado, +351 262 824 475
  9. Areia Branca Rent a Car, N247 6, +351 919 982 278
  10. Peniche Rentals, R. da Saudade, +351 914 722 697
  11. Portugal cars rental, website, official link

Map Rental Cars in Peniche


If you need more information on rental cars in Peniche or other services offered by our guesthouse, please just send us an email to the following address:

We will be glad to help you and organize your next holiday in Portugal!  See you next time!

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