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Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche, good Monday with news related to the world of surfing in Portugal. Today we will talk about the surf schools in Lisbon, hoping to give you valuable information for your next trip to Lisbon, especially if you are looking for surf vacation packages. In the past we have already dedicated several articles to the Portuguese capital and below we offer a short selection:


Below we will reveal the list of surf schools in Lisbon and the surrounding area, indicating the logistical details to be reached during your stay in Portugal. Here is the final list:

Scuole di surf a Lisbona

  • Epic Surf School – Back office = Location: Praça João do Rio 7, 1000-180 Lisboa,
  • Lisbon Surf Camp = Location: Av. Marginal Praia de Carcavelos (17,72 km, 2775-604 Carcavelos,
  • Surf Lisbon – House & School= Location: R. Direita de Caxias 38, 2760-042 Oeiras,
  • Carcavelos Surf School= Location: Avenida Marginal – Praia de Carcavelos, 2775-604 Carcavelos,
  • Surf Cascais // Surf Villa, School, Rentals & Shop =  Location: R. Fernando Pessoa 26, 2755-223 Alcabideche,
  • Surfinn Lisbon Surf Hostel & Surf School = Location: Escadinhas Marquês Ponte de Lima 1, Rua Costa do Castelo, 1100-335 Lisboa,
  • Surfgasm Lda = Location: R. Lapa 14, 1200-731 Lisboa,
  • Angels Surf School = Location: Av. Marginal, 2775-604 Carcavelos
  • Moana Surf School = Location: Moana Surf School, block 2, Estrada do Abano, Praia do Guincho, 547 2755-144, 2755-144,
  • Go Surf Lisboa – Daily Surftrips around Lisbon = Location: Praia do Castelo, 2825-308 Costa da Caparica,
  • Solfun Surf School = Location: Av. Eugene Levy, 2705-304 Sintra,
  • Lisbon Surfaris = Location: R. Dr. Manuel de Arriaga, 2775-702 Carcavelos,
  • Epic Surf School beach base = Location: Estr. Florestal, 2825-412 Costa da Caparica,
  • Get Stoked = Location: Nº10, 3ªesq, R. Gonçalves Viana, 1500-334 Lisboa,
  • Carcavelos Surf School = Location: Av. Marginal, 2775-604 Praia De Carcavelos,
  • Tubeline Surf School & Camp = Location: Av. Marginal, 2776-801 Lisboa,
  • Time to Surf – Surf School = Location: /
  • Wanted Surf School = Location: Carcavelos


Hoping to have provided you with useful information on the best surf schools in Lisbon as always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions to eventually expand this list.

For any information concerning your holiday in Portugal, we are obviously available. You can visit website or write to us at the following email address: info@boaondaguesthosuepeniche.com

Until next time and have fun in Portugal!

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