Scuole di Yoga a Faro

Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche, today we would like to offer you the list of the schools of yoga in Faro, to conclude our tour on Portuguese soil.

Faro, third tourist destination of Portugal, during the summer becomes a location not to be missed thanks to its magnificent beaches and surrounding nature and over the years has become a holiday destination for millions of people around the world.

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Having said that, we are now ready to offer you the complete selection of schools of yoga in Faro.


Below we will reveal the list of schools of yoga present in Faro, indicating your name and location in order to visit them and request more information once in the city. Here you are:

Mappa Scuole Yoga a Faro

  • Yogalgarve– Location: Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque 11A, 8000-151 Faro
  • Confederação Portuguesa do Yoga – Áshrama Faro – Location:Urbanização Horta do Ferragial, Lt. 9 – R/c Dto, 8000-273 Faro
  • Centro de Yoga Áshrama Faro – Location: Rua Sport Faro e Benfica, 1A, R/ch Dt.º, 8000-544 Faro
  • Algarve Yoga Spot – Location: R. 18 de Junho 94, 8700-162 Olhão
  • Raja Yoga Meditation – Location: R. Dr. Justino Cumano 22, 8000-151 Faro
  • Sol Viegas Yoga Studio – Location: Urbanização Varandas do Lago 37, 8135-038 Almancil
  • Gymnasium Faro – Location: Pontes de Marchil, Sítio Da Má Vontade Edificio Oasis loja D/A, 8005-518 Faro


Hoping to have provided you with useful information on the yoga schools present in the city of Faro, we look forward to your comments and suggestions to eventually expand this list.

For any information concerning your holiday in Portugal, we are obviously available. You can visit the contact page on our website or write to us at the following email address:

See you soon!

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