Quanto dura l'estate in Portogallo

Dear friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche through the following post we are going to discover one of the many curiosities about Portugal by answering a well-known question that we often find on the net or are often asked by our clients during their surf & yoga stays. How long does summer last in Portugal? This is a common question among those wishing to plan a summer holiday in the country. In this article, we will explore the length of the summer season in Portugal and provide you with useful tips on how to make the most of this fantastic season. Get ready for a summer adventure among breathtaking beaches, warm weather and a relaxing atmosphere.


When summer starts and ends in Portugal

How long does summer last in Portugal? Summer officially begins on 21 June and ends on 22 September, following the dates of the summer solstice and autumn equinox. During these three months, Portugal turns into a perfect summer destination, offering long days, bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures.


The Portuguese Summer Climate

During the summer, the climate in Portugal is generally warm and sunny, with average temperatures ranging between 25°C and 30°C. However, there can be regional variations and heat peaks during the summer months. Here are some characteristics of the Portuguese summer climate

  • Long sunny days: Summer days in Portugal are characterised by many hours of sunshine, which means more time to enjoy outdoor activities and beaches.
  • Sea breezes: Sea breezes, especially along the coasts, provide relief from the summer heat and make the beach experience even more enjoyable.
  • Occasional heat waves: During the summer, Portugal can experience heat waves, with temperatures that can exceed 35°C. It is important to be prepared and take precautions to avoid problems related to heat and sun exposure.


What to do during summer in Portugal

Summer in Portugal offers a myriad of activities and destinations to explore. Here are some ideas on how to spend an unforgettable summer in the country:

Relaxing on Spectacular Beaches

The Portuguese coastline is famous for its spectacular beaches. Take advantage of the summer weather and spend relaxing days in the sun on beaches such as Praia da Rocha, Praia da Marinha, Praia de Benagil and many others. Be lulled by the sound of the waves and dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Explore the Coastal Cities

During summer, Portugal’s coastal cities come alive with life. Stroll the charming streets of Lisbon, explore the alleyways of Porto or soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Faro. Savour local cuisine, discover history and shop in quaint boutiques.


Water sports

Portugal is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Take advantage of ideal surfing conditions and try your hand at the renowned waves of Nazaré, Peniche or Ericeira. If you prefer something quieter, try paddleboarding or kayaking along the coast.

Exploring Unspoilt Nature

Summer is the perfect time to explore Portugal’s natural beauty. Visit the Peneda-Gerês National Park, where you can hike through forests, mountains and breathtaking waterfalls. Also explore the Algarve region with its fascinating cliffs, caves and scenic trails.

Savour Summer Cuisine

Summer in Portugal offers a wide selection of fresh and delicious dishes. Enjoy freshly caught fish, such as grilled sardines, accompanied by a glass of green wine. Also try bacalhau pies, convent cakes and delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables.


Frequently asked questions about summer in Portugal

1. Which is the best beach in Portugal to spend the summer?

Portugal is full of wonderful beaches, but some of the most famous include Praia da Rocha, Praia da Marinha and Praia do Carvoeiro.


2. What are the most popular summer festivals in Portugal?

Popular music summer festivals include NOS Alive in Lisbon, the Funchal Sea Festival in Madeira and the Paredes de Coura Festival in northern Portugal.


3. What are the average temperatures during summer in Portugal?

Average temperatures during the summer vary between 25°C and 30°C, but there can be regional variations and heat peaks.


How long does summer last in Portugal


Summer in Portugal is a magical time to immerse yourself in the beauty of the country. With long sunny days, beautiful beaches and a warm climate, there are endless opportunities to explore, relax and have fun. Whether you are looking for a beach holiday, nature adventures or cultural discoveries, summer in Portugal will give you unforgettable memories. Get ready for a summer adventure of sun, sea and relaxation in the heart of this fascinating country.

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