How to get a fishing licence in Portugal

Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche welcome to the news of our travel blog dedicated to Portugal. In this post we will try to show you all the information about how to get a fishing licence in Portugal in order to satisfy the big sports fishing enthusiasts who wish to try this experience on Lusitanian soil. In the next few lines you will be able to see how to obtain a fishing licence in Portugal and which offices are responsible for finalising this procedure. Enjoy your reading.

How to get a fishing licence in Portugal

The first thing to learn is that to fish in Portugal you need a fishing license. You will need such a licence to fish in the sea, on the beach, on the pier, etc. The fishing license needed is called: recreational fishing licence and in Portuguese is called Pesca lúdica. Below is an answer to the main questions related to the Portuguese fishing license.


Is a fishing licence always required in Portugal or are there exceptions to the rule

Exceptions to this rule are allowed if fishing is done recreationally by hand, i.e. without a fishing rod and other catching tools. Another exception is for minors under 16 years of age, who may not be required to have a licence if accompanied by a licensed adult.

Finally, even non-residents of Portugal travelling to Lusitanian soil to participate in an international angling championship generally do not have to acquire a licence unless this is expressly requested by the organising committee.

How long does a fishing licence last in Portugal?

The fishing licence in Portugal has 3 types of duration, namely:

  • Daily/Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly


What are the types of fishing licenses in Portugal

The classification generally includes four fishing licenses identified by the Portuguese terms:

  1. Apeada = surface fishing, allowing fishing from land, on the shore and from reefs
  2. Embarcada = allows fishing on board a boat and also fishing from the shore as its validity extends to the areas of the previous license.
  3. Pesca submarina = underwater fishing
  4. Pesca lúdica geral = usually includes both underwater and boat fishing licenses


Further distinctions are made between freshwater and saltwater fishing.


How to obtain a fishing license in Portugal

The ways to obtain a fishing license in Portugal are as follows:

  • Through payment of the fee at an MB counter (Multibanco) also called an ATM or cash machine.
  • Directly at an ICNF (Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas) counter or by email. The email must include the fishing licence chosen, proof of payment and an identity document. On the website you can check the contact list of all the offices responsible for issuing fishing licences in Portugal.
  • In some cases also at the DGRM (Direção Geral de Recursos Naturais, Segurança e Serviços Marítimos) district offices or the offices of Direcção Regional de Agricultura e Pescas located in the North, Centre in Lisbon, Tagus Valley, Alentejo and Algarve on working days.


Fishing licence for non-residents of Portugal

According to the ICNF website, it is not possible for non-residents of Portugal to buy the licence by payment at an ATM or Multibanco. However, it can be purchased at an ICNF counter or by mail. It is essential that the details of the valid passport or identity card issued by the country of residence are indicated.


How much does a fishing licence cost in Portugal

The cost of fishing licences in Portugal varies according to type (national or regional), duration (from 7 days to 1 year) and the applicant (whether resident in Portugal or non-resident).

Generally, prices range from 12.30 euros to 20.50 euros for Portuguese citizens and residents and are valid for one year. For non-residents, on the other hand, the cost is approximately EUR 15.36 for 7 days, EUR 20.50 for 30 days and EUR 51.22 for one year. You can find the updated data at the official website by clicking the following link

Finally, we would like to remind you that the Portuguese fishing licence can also be photocopied and laminated without any problems. In the event of loss, a duplicate can be obtained free of charge via Multibanco, but usually only within 90 days. At the counter, on the other hand, there is a charge of 5 or 10 euros, depending on the period in which the request is made.



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  1. Rosemary Martin

    Very helpful information about fishing licences, thank you very much.

    If we come to Peniche we will see if we can stay at your guesthouse.

  2. John Pierce

    We went to ICNF in Chinicato (Lagos) this morning and the very unhelpful lady at reception said that unless we wanted a freshwater fishing licence we were at the wrong place. After intervention by our Portuguese-fluent friend, she eventually gave us t5he name of the body in Parchal that we needed to go to: Dept of Ag and Fisheries.

  3. Ghaleb

    Thank you for the overall information.

  4. Julie

    Hi we are currently in monte Santo carvoeiro my son who is 13 is looking to go fishing at the beach or where is possible we have tried the atm machine but only reading now it’s for resident cards wondering if you could advise me we’re I could purchase a licence regards Julie

    • mattia

      Here the answer: “According to the ICNF website, it is not possible for non-residents of Portugal to buy the licence by payment at an ATM or Multibanco. However, it can be purchased at an ICNF counter or by mail. It is essential that the details of the valid passport or identity card issued by the country of residence are indicated.”

      I hope it may help 🙂

  5. Andy McGregor

    When submitting an on line application for a fishing license there is a section that asks for proof of payment. Please could you explain what is required?

  6. Stuart

    Yes all very confusing as is everything in Portugal. You need to go to the office in pascal and get a license there. It’s the only way and they are very helpful.

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