How to go from Lisbon to Cascais

Friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche, welcome to a new article on our travel blog specialising in Portugal. Today we are going to find out how to go from Lisbon to Cascais using both public and private transport. We decided to write this guide because Cascais is a beautiful seaside town just a few kilometres from Lisbon and is easily accessible by car or by train along the coast from the centre of Lisbon.

During your stay in Peniche, in between lessons at our surf school, we suggest a stop in Cascais, visiting both the village and the famous Boca da Inferno, a natural attraction that will leave you speechless. Below you will find the main references to reach Cascais from Lisbon and then continue towards Peniche. Enjoy reading.

How to get from Lisbon to Cascais

As with other travel guides such as: how to get to from Lisbon to Peniche; below we will list the main means of private and public transport that will allow you to easily reach the beautiful seaside resort of Cascais located just 30 km from Lisbon in a privileged spot just a few km from the city and the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Mappa - Come raggiungere Cascais da Lisbona


Getting around by car

A car is definitely the fastest way to get from Lisbon to Cascais. It only takes 35 minutes to get there from the centre of the Portuguese capital. Obviously, there are several options for choosing the road route depending on your starting position. These are listed below:

  • IC15
  • A37
  • IC 15 e Avenida Marginal/N6


Itinerary IC15 = in the direction of Estr. Malveira da Serra/N9-1 at Aldeia de Juzo. Take exit 12 from IC15. From there just continue on N9-1 and in just 9 minutes you will arrive in Cascais. Estimated travel time 34 minutes

Lisbona Cascais - IC 15


Itinerary A37 = Estimated journey time 42 minutes

Lisbona - Cascais A37


Itinerary IC 15 e Avenida Marginal/N6 = Journey time is similar to the first one, i.e. 42 minutes. This route, unlike the others, has sections that require payment.

Itinerario IC 15 e Avenida Marginal_N6



Getting around by public transport

If you don’t have a car, a good alternative is public transport from the centre of the Portuguese capital. In fact, we can assure you from personal experience that the coastal train from Lisbon to Cascais is fast and efficient. To take this option, simply walk to the train stops along the ‘Linha da Cascais’. The train terminates in the famous seaside town that has become the residence of wealthy Portuguese and foreigners. So you can’t go wrong…

The route we suggest to go from Lisbon to Cascais is this one:

  • Go to the Cais do Sodré metro/train station
  • Get a ticket for Linha da Cascais (you will usually find the train tracks on your right when you enter the station in question)
  • Get on the train and sit back to enjoy the scenic ride along the Portuguese coast.
  • It will take approximately 40 minutes to reach your destination with a total of 16 stops.
  • The train runs every 20 minutes throughout the day


This route departing from Cais do Sodré is designed for tourists on holiday in Lisbon who have found accommodation in the centre. Obviously, we recommend you to check your departure location and check the stops closest to you. For example, if you are in the Santos, Belem or LX Factory area, you will certainly have some Linha da Cascais stops closer than Cais do Sodré.



We hope that this article on how to get from Lisbon to Cascais has made your life easier, and we look forward to your advice and opinions.

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We look forward to hearing from you and hearing about your experiences and suggestions.

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