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Surfing and traveling friends today we will try to explain the concept of surfhouse in Portugal. In fact, more and more boys and girls who are passionate about surfing travel the world in search of the perfect wave but also of the right environment to spend time and relax in the company of people with similar interests. For this reason the term surfhouse was coined, which better than any other word summarizes the passion for surfing & the desire for travel and freedom.

Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche, was born following the same concepts and values ​​and this is why we can define ourselves as a real surf house in Portugal.

The concept of surfhouse

Below we will try to explain our surf house concept by identifying the right people for this type of accommodation. The surf houses are housing solutions suitable for different types of people. They fit perfectly with:

  • small groups of surfing enthusiasts,
  • single travelers,
  • pairs
  • groups of friends

The characteristic of small groups makes it possible to personalize surfers’ holidays according to their requests and needs. In fact, through a prior organization of the holiday, our staff could create tailor-made packages to make your stay in Portugal unforgettable.

Group activities, such as surfing lessons in Peniche or yoga classes, promote socialization and new knowledge by facilitating the chance to make new friends.

It may have happened to you, traveling the way, to stay at some surf houses where you can perform the activities organized in complete freedom without a weekly check-in, and other structures instead where the organization of surf lessons or other required a reservation required. Talking about the Portuguese situation, the big difference is represented by the seasonality and the period of stay. It is obvious to say that during the summer season or during the week of Meo Rip Curl, early booking is mandatory, while during a low season it is easier to organize additional activities or alternatives related to surfing.

A common feature of all surf houses is that it is a place suitable for any type of surfer. From the beginner to the advanced surfer there is no limitation since the surf lessons are still organized by levels. All you need is the desire to enjoy the atmosphere and the services of the surf house, entering the Portuguese spirit or the place of your choice. In the case of Boa Onda, we recommend you not to miss the advice of our surf teachers and local lads who work with us.

Finally, the last quality needed for any self-respecting surf house is the organization of meals and the freedom to manage your sports food independently. Our guests can choose whether to try the healthy breakfast prepared every morning by the guesthouse staff or decide whether to use the common areas by organizing meals from local markets scattered in the area.

There is no maximum or minimum age limit to use this holiday solution, but generally the average number of participants starts from 24 years upwards. Discounted to tell you that the younger rays also look for a little party and some solution to spend the evenings in a carefree way. From personal experience, we can tell you that all this in Peniche is certainly not lacking 🙂 Read to discover more!


Hoping to have clarified the concept of surf house in Portugal, we can’t help but wish you a good surfing holiday around the world. Obviously, should you pass through Peniche, you can write to us and personally test the experience offered by Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche.

See you soon

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