World Surf League 2023 Calendar

Dear friends and readers of the Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche blog, this post is dedicated to all surf fans looking for valuable information regarding the upcoming World Surf League 2023 calendar. On a par with the previous article entitled: World Surf League 2022 calendar, dedicated to the season that just ended last September, which saw Brazilian athlete Filipe Toledo triumph among the men and Australian surfer Stephanie Gilmore among the women. In this article you will find the complete programme of the World Surfing League 2023 with the following information: name of the event, location, approximate opening and closing dates released by the WSL itself. Enjoy reading

Classifica WSL 2022


World Surf League 2023 Calendar

The following data was taken from the website of the World Surf League, organizer of the World Surfing Championships for men’s and women’s competitions. We provide the link to the reference page so that you can keep track of any changes: WSL Official Events.

Compared to the 2022 calendar, we noticed that the Indonesia leg was skipped and replaced by the Surf Ranch Pro, and a few other competitions changed the period by moving forward about 1 month. But the majority of the stages are the same as in previous years.

The full World Surfing Championship calendar for 2022 is as follows:

  1. Billabong Pro Pipeline – Hawaii: 29/01 – 10/02
  2. Hurley Pro Sunset Beach – Hawaii: 12/02 – 23/02
  3. Meo Pro Portugal – Portugal: 16/02 – 08/03
  4. Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach – Australia: 04/04 – 14/04
  5. Margaret River Pro – Australia: 20/04 – 30/04
  6. Surf Ranch Pro – California: 27/05 – 28/05
  7. Surf City El Salvador Pro – El Salvador: 09/06 – 18/06
  8. O Rio Pro – Brasile: 23/06 – 01/07
  9. Corona Open J-Bay – South Africa: 13/07 – 23/07
  10. Shiseido Tahiti Pro – French Polinesia: 11/08 – 20/08
  11. Rip Curl WSL Finals – California: 07/09 – 15/09



Hoping to have provided you with some useful information as always, we trust you enjoyed the World Surf League 2023 calendar! We look forward to seeing you live at the Portuguese leg of the Meo Rip Curl Pro 2023 in Peniche.

For any information regarding Portugal, we are of course available via the contact page of our website.

You can also write to us at the following email: in order to get all the clarification you need regarding the surf school or yoga courses offered by our specialized team. Until next time and have fun in Portugal!


  1. Tanya van merwe

    Portugal dates are printed wrong 8/3-16/2

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