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Dear readers and friends of Boa Onda Guesthouse Peniche here we are with a new article dedicated to the discovery of the beautiful Portuguese nation and specifically to Portugal’s food and wine trips. After having told you about the most beautiful nature excursions in Portugal, we have decided to talk to you about Portuguese delicacies by offering you a food and wine tour to go with the previous one. The locations we are going to mention are scattered in different areas of the country and for this reason you will find it very useful to have a look at our previous post containing the list of airports in Portugal. Happy reading.


Portugal Food and Wine Trips: An exceptional culinary tour!

There is something magical about Portugal, something that goes beyond its golden beaches and charming villages. Yes, you guessed it: we are talking about its cuisine! Whether you love fish or meat, sweets or wines, Portugal will win you over with its authentic flavours and intoxicating aromas. Get your taste buds ready, it’s time to set off on a gastronomic journey that will leave you speechless!


Lisbon: An explosion of flavours in every corner

There is no better way to start our culinary tour than by immersing ourselves in the hustle and bustle of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Here, amid cobbled streets and creaking trams, you can savour the true soul of Portuguese cuisine. Let yourself be tempted by the famous pasteis de nata, creamy and crunchy pastries that will make you fall in love at first bite. And if you want to discover the secret of bacalhau, the dried cod that is the undisputed star of the Portuguese table, don’t miss a visit to the Mercado da Ribeira. Let yourself be guided by instinct and the smell of the dishes: Lisbon will win you over with its culinary bounty!

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Porto: A toast between history and modernity

Let’s move north to the city of Porto, cradle of the famous wine of the same name. Here, among historic cellars and modern wine bars, you can taste Port wine in its many variations, from tawny to ruby, via vintage and white. And while you’re toasting to your health, don’t forget to try the francesinha, a succulent sandwich stuffed with meat, sausage, ham and cheese, all covered in a delicious tomato and beer sauce. It is worth it, we assure you, and we are so sure of it that we leave you with a great recipe to try making this delicacy at home.


Alentejo: Land of wines, olives and bread

We continue our food and wine journey in the heart of the Alentejo, a region that stretches between golden hills and endless plains. Here, among vineyards and olive groves, you can discover the authentic flavours of Portuguese cuisine. Enjoy a sip of vinho alentejano, a full-bodied, enveloping wine, accompanied by a slice of pão alentejano, a rustic bread made from wheat flour. And to end on a high note, let yourself be tempted by the acquafaba, a light and creamy dessert made with the cooking water of chickpeas. You will feel at home, we guarantee it!


Madeira: An island of flavours between sea and mountains

Let’s leave the mainland and fly to the fascinating island of Madeira, where the flavours of the sea and the mountains meet in a perfect marriage. Dive into the intense flavour of espada com banana, a dish made with black swordfish and fried bananas, or be won over by the onion soup, a warm embrace of rustic and genuine flavours. And then, how can we not mention Madeira wine, an amber nectar that will amaze you with its sweet and spicy nuances? There is no doubt about it: Madeira is an island of flavours to be discovered and loved!


Açores: An archipelago of traditions and culinary surprises

Finally, we conclude our food and wine tour in the magical Açores, an archipelago of volcanic islands that hides unexpected culinary treasures. Here, among craters and fumaroles, you can taste cozido das Furnas, a dish of meat and vegetables slowly cooked underground thanks to geothermal heat. And if you prefer marine flavours, be tempted by lapas grelhadas, grilled limpets served with a touch of lemon and garlic. And to end on a sweet note, treat yourself to a taste of queijadas da Vila, sweet treats made with fresh cheese, sugar and cinnamon that will make your mouth water!

So, our food and wine journey through Portugal has come to an end. But don’t despair: now it’s your turn to set out to discover the flavours and aromas of this fascinating and generous land. Put yourself to the test, savour, taste and, above all, allow yourself to be conquered by Portuguese passion and culinary tradition. After all, as they say, ‘appetite comes with eating’. Bon voyage and bon appetit!



As always, we trust that the news contained in the Portugal food and wine travel post has been of interest to you and may have helped you to organise new stops on your Lusitanian tour. Also if you would like to visit us in Peniche we would be happy to introduce you to our surf school as well as yoga classes in Peniche.

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Until next time and have fun in Portugal!

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